“ALTTARO is a financial advisory company which provides a comprehensive advisory service for fund raising, debt restructuring and asset disposals, specifically focused in Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. We are specialised in providing alternative financing solutions”


Financing and Restructuring Transactions of Bank and Alternative Debts

ALTTARO has a team with extensive experience in Investment Banking and maintains an excellent relationship with the main financial market players (both domestic and international), which allows it to offer optimal fund raising solutions for new investment projects, as well as for debt restructuring processes.

Capital raising (Equity) for new Real Estate, Hotel and Corporate Projects

We help our clients in Capital Raising for new investment projects, analyzing each co-investment transaction with the utmost rigor and detail in order to offer the most efficient and profitable solution to each client.

Real Estate and Hotel Asset Disposals

ALTTARO maintains excellent relationships with the main domestic and international investors/market players/operators, allowing us to attain optimal disposal levels and access a larger group of potential buyers, as well as executing asset disposal processes in a structured and efficient way.

Structuring of Investment Vehicles for Residential Developments

Our deep market knowledge allows us to work with the utmost rigor, transparency and professionalism, in structuring of investment vehicles for residential developments.


Our Clients

· Small and medium-sized companies
as well as Family run business.
· Alternative financing needs and
Bank Debt restructuring.
· Real Estate and Hotel asset disposals.
· Capital requirements for new Real Estate
and Hotel projects.


· The entire ALTTARO team
has an Investment Banking background.
· Provides alternative financing solutions
· Specialized in real estate and hospitality transactions.
· Relationship with main
investors in the market.


Investors and Financiers

· Financial entities and Debt funds
· Private Equity funds, Institutional
investors, Family Offices, REITS, SOCIMIS
· Hotel groups and Tour Operators
· Real Estate Groups


Sale of 3* hotel in Gran Canaria to
a national hotel group.

Non-bank financing for the restructuring
of debt for a real estate developer.

Mortgage financing provided by MoraBanc
to a real estate company for a residential
Development in the south of Madrid.


Please reach out to us if you have any alternative financing or bank debt restructuring requirements, Real Estate/Hotel asset disposals or capital raising needs for new projects.

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